Specific steps and tips for car rental

Renting a vehicle to go on a trip or for a specific need has many advantages. This allows individuals who do not own a vehicle to move freely. Car rental also avoids the need to rush to take public transport. But to rent a car, you need various tips to make savings such as booking in advance, during the low season for example. But before signing the rental contract, there are certain precautions to take, such as the inventory of fixtures.

Opt for a reservation in advance

To book a rental car, it is best to do so well in advance. It should be noted that the price of car rental in Europe is constantly increasing during holiday periods, but also during holiday periods. With the arrival of many tourists, the demand for car rental is still growing and there are only a few left available in the agencies. The remaining ones then see their rental prices increase. To ensure that you get a cheap rental, it is recommended to make a reservation very early (it is possible to make a reservation at many rental agencies at the beginning of the year, and to pick it up during the holiday period). With this technique, the rental price remains less expensive, because it is in low season. In addition, the agency will not apply any additional costs. An individual who books a vehicle well in advance also has the opportunity to choose from the many car models available from the agency. He can also cancel his reservation at any time, in case the rental does not suit him or if he has an unforeseen impediment.

State of the art: Take pictures before taking a car

Once the vehicle has been chosen, the first important thing to do is to read the lease agreement. Check carefully the different clauses written, especially the inventory of fixtures. This part is the most important to consider, because if during the return of the vehicle, it ends up with scratches for example, the tenant will have the obligation to pay the repair costs. Be sure to compare the condition of the premises and the car. But in most cases, the tenant is alone in the parking lot to pick up the vehicle. At that moment, if certain aspects of the car do not appear in the inventory of fixtures, it will be necessary to return to the agency immediately and mention it. It is especially advisable to check the car thoroughly, through the windshield, rearview mirror and also the seats. It should be noted that even a small scratch on the window or a stain on the bench can be quite serious, if it is not included in the inventory of fixtures. For added security, it is better to take several photos of each corner as proof.

Handover of the car to the agency or its owner: also take pictures

As during the verification of the condition of the premises, during the return of the vehicle, it will be necessary to take several photos and compare them with the images previously taken. Of course, an individual or the owner will check the condition of the vehicle at that time and if he finds defects not mentioned on the condition of the vehicle, he will bill the lessee for the repair. To protect against the operator's confusion about anomalies, taking pictures is a good initiative. In addition, time must be taken to carry out a complete overhaul of the rented vehicle with the owner or operator.

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