Prepare your road trip

You are going to a very charming place and you want everything to be perfect. So prepare your road trip well, starting with the choice of car. Think about whether it would be better for you to buy or rent a car for this getaway.

When it's better to buy a car

You intend to make a long journey across the country. It is then better to buy than to rent your trip car, it seems cheaper especially since it is possible to resell your companion at the end of your trip. Buying is also better for saving on accommodation, if you are ready to sleep in the full moon. Once you are ready to experience it, remember to equip your car with the minimum necessary to be able to sleep in it: a mattress, a blanket, small curtains, a jerry can, water and a flashlight. The Renault trafic or the Renault master are strongly recommended for this type of plan. NB: Feel free to make small simulations of insurance prices to get the one that suits you best, knowing that insurance is very expensive.

When to think about Renting a car instead

You are leaving for a short period of time, not very far from your area. Rental prices are generally degressive from one week of reservation. You hate long procedures, paperwork and signatures, no panic! All you need to do is fill out and sign a form and then the road is yours. No matter where you go, you'll want a rugged car. Car rental agencies offer you very recent vehicles in good condition.

Renault Kangoo 3m3 the good deal

There is no law against sleeping outdoors if you choose a public and not private place to spend the night. Avoid long roads, such as supermarket car parks with water, toilets and tables at your disposal. Sleeping in national parks, however, even when it is legal, can be very expensive. In any case, be very discreet, arrive late, leave early and do not use too much light in your vehicle. The interior of a Kangoo 3m3 is extremely suitable for being equipped and comfortably accommodated. This vehicle is a real deal to find as long as its rental will not cost you more than 200 euros per week.

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