Going out in groups, always a pain in the ass!

Outings between groups of friends always bring enormous pleasure, laughter, madness, real relief after a long week of work. However, such plans can be inhibited if there is no means of transport, especially for a large group: how to get around to a picnic or to the beach together? We waste time gathering, waiting for our friends, the others get lost in the middle of the road, and the day is ruined. So to make your getaway 100% successful, without any unforeseen circumstances, the perfect solution is to rent a minivan with a driver. The minivan is a spacious vehicle, which accommodates up to 8 people with a gigantic trunk to put the cooler, parasol, sandwiches and chairs, all the necessary equipment for a successful getaway. It is a stable car with a powerful engine that guarantees a pleasant driving experience for the driver and a comfortable trip for your group of friends. The MPV was popularized in Europe in 1983 by the Renault Espace, which is at the origin of the MPV word, which consists in describing a vehicle with a single body, a larger and taller bodywork, which saves space. Speaking of luxury, Mercedes has given the minivan a prestigious touch to give life to the MERCEDES VIANO, which combines comfort and lust. Then no more cancelled or screwed up programs, packed luggage, broken chairs because with the minivan you save money, time and good humour.

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