Rent a truck to move your furniture safely

Moving is often stressful, especially if you want to live from one country to another. A good preparation allows you to move without forgetting anything and to reduce your expenses. Simple actions can make the price difference.

Rental of a moving van: free online quotes

If you must change accommodation, but you do not have a truck to move your furniture, you can use professional movers. Some companies or rental services can offer you a low-cost online car rental for individuals and companies. You can go to www.demenagementpascher.chpour to make free estimates of moving in Switzerland and abroad, simply fill in a form concerning the information of the move such as the place of departure and arrival as well as the weight of the furniture to be transported. The price of a move varies according to several factors such as the volume of items to be transported, the distance between the old and the new home and the moving options you choose.

Interests of using a moving truck

Before making the decision to transport your furniture by your own vehicles, think about the advantages and especially the disadvantages and make comparisons to find out how you can move cheaply. Consider your fuel costs, your ability to transport large loads safely and the route to be taken. If you have a limited budget to take advantage of full rental services, opt for the economical or basic packages using only the services you strictly need, such as truck rental. So ask your family and friends to help you with labour such as packing your boxes.

How to organize a cheap move?

In order not to spend too much money, it is advisable to prepare your move weeks in advance. First of all, make comparisons of the offers that professionals offer you, because there can be a big difference in price for the same service. Move during less crowded periods, choose a date within the week. Collect cardboard boxes from supermarkets free of charge. Before storing your belongings in boxes, sort them and only take with you what is useful and essential to reduce the weight of the furniture to be transported. Calculate precisely the quantity of your furniture.

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