Car rental in Bali: useful information

For your trip to Bali, car rental is a convenient way to travel around the island. To do this, there are several offers available according to your choice and budget. To know the rates and rental conditions, you can contact the specialized service providers. You will find different offers, with or without driver. If you are planning to go to Bali for your next vacation, here is some information that may be useful to you.

What you need to know before renting a car in Bali

Visiting BaliIt is important to know that controls by the authorities are quite frequent in Bali, especially with regard to foreigners. Therefore, it is imperative to be in good standing with your documents when you stay there. In order to be able to drive on the island, make sure you always have your international licence with you. To obtain it, you will have to make a request to your prefecture or sub-prefecture. For this purpose, a Cerfa form will be completed and signed. You will also need to photocopy your valid national passport. A copy of your passport or identity card will also be requested with 2 passport photos and a proof of residence. As far as driving in Bali is concerned, you should know that it is on the left. For safety reasons, it is safer to drive slowly. Indeed, scooters and animals can sometimes appear at any time. Since traffic regulations are not really enforced, it will be up to you to signal your presence by honking your horn. That's why it's also essential to take out insurance when you travel to Bali.

The advantages of renting a car in Bali

If you are travelling with your family to the Isle of the Gods, it would be more comfortable to rent a car for your possible trips. The trips will be more relaxing for the children and parents will not have to suffer the stress of being dependent on local transport. Moreover, most tourists also choose this option to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape of this wonderful island. Because when you travel, you will pass by very beautiful and very quiet roads with panoramic views. In addition, you will not have to suffer the fright caused by the buses that sometimes travel at high speed. With your rental car, you will have the chance to plan a personalized itinerary and discover places that other tourists don't know. To achieve this adventure, you will have a wide range of cars to suit your budget and needs. Rental rates are affordable regardless of the type of vehicle you choose. For those who want to rent a car with a driver, you will enjoy even more advantages. In general, you will be easily led to the essential Balinese sites. Most local drivers are able to guide you anywhere, even if you don't have a specific itinerary. Their knowledge of each corner will facilitate your adventure on the island.

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