How to choose the right car rental software?

Published on : 22 November 20196 min reading time

Having vehicles for rent is a great source of income. Small or large cars, 4WDs, city cars or trucks, all these types of cars can be rented according to customer needs. But knowing how to manage them is a different matter. With new technologies and IT, automotive management looks a little easier. Many software programs are created to reduce the tasks and concerns of car agencies or individuals renting vehicles. This software is beneficial to owners in terms of management. Even though these softwares are numerous, they do not all have the same services, the same functionalities. This choice must first of all focus on what is close to the needs, expectations and scope of the market. It is important to know the interests of having them, to know all the services that the vehicle rental software package offers with all its related products. Finally, to trust a software, you need to know its publisher or the publishing company.

The benefits of car rental software

From a tablet, smartphone or computer, managing cars with software is no longer a problem. Always in permanent contact with the vehicle despite the distance, the functionalities of the car rental software, as can be seen here, help to boost the business. As part of the vehicle management framework, this software aims to simplify commercial activity. Nevertheless, it is essential to know the vehicle’s locations, condition and fuel consumption in order to ensure that it is in good working order. These are the main interests of having them. Once the car rental contract is signed, the software locates all vehicle movements and records them. Nothing is really lost, just study what the software has captured to find out what damage, if any, has been caused to the vehicle. Repair costs will be charged to the customer. We are talking about the principle of the Exit and Return Vouchers. This same software allows customers to rent cars online via the Internet, from a phone, for other dates. It also offers the possibility for new customers to book online depending on the availability of the vehicle.

Offers covered by the car rental software package

The software chosen must be software that adequately meets the aspirations and activity. Car rental software is one of the car management solutions. First, car rental software must provide for activity management. It is a question of making an estimate of the rental, if it is for a short or long period, understanding the terms of the reservation, planning the contract adapted to the request and ensuring invoicing. Then, to know the profitability of the vehicle, the software must be able to offer the possibility of quantifying the activities related specifically to each vehicle. This will be the recording of the expenses and revenues related to each car. Business extras are added to the profits. Thus, this software must have the ability to invoice consumables sold, washes, repairs related to the customer’s activities as well as computerize the rental vehicle sales process if necessary. Since rental cars drive a lot, they can wear out a little faster than normal. Therefore, it is important that the software can perform this function in parallel with its management system. To know if it is effective, the software must be able to schedule alerts on time in order to maintain a new maintenance program, for example. This is what fleet management does. To ensure the continuity of the car rental activity, the software packaging must include an analysis and statistics offer. This study focuses on the financial future of the agency and provides an estimate of the decisions to be taken concerning the company. In close connection with this financial future, a good software must take into account to plan the transcription to the accounting in order to have an up-to-date balance sheet. Finally, having software that can be adapted to the company would not be a problem.

The world of IT is a rapidly developing world. In order to attract customers, software publishers must add an extra to their product. Thus, to take full advantage of car rental software, it will be necessary for it to provide access to other services. The goal is to have ingenious evolutions of the computer system. It is possible that a driver may be subject to a ticket. To get paid for it, automated fleet management can do the trick. From its computer, the company can report the third party held responsible directly to the responsible administration, through the computer system. In terms of the web, it is possible to ensure perfect synchronization between the vehicle and the company. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, it is important to focus on it. A web service is required, as more than 35% of Internet users book their car online. Through the information on the site, people wishing to rent a car can get all the information they are looking for: the type of car, the type of car….. Remind customers from time to time, the terms of the contract are important. For example, an automated sending of written messages or reminder sms can be very convenient. But apart from calling back, this automated message system ensures customer loyalty. It consists of marketing, prospecting, relaunching…..

The software and its publisher

When it comes to IT, choosing software means trusting the company or person who made it and put it up for sale. Many rental software exists, but only the best ones are purchased and installed. The choice is since the publisher must be known and whose services are satisfactory or even impeccable. Car rental software can be updated several times according to requests or for more performance. It can also be a victim of bugs or it crashes. To this end, exchanges must take place between the software buyer and the publisher. A publishing company with a fast service and a fast response is required. It is not pleasant to come across an automatic switchboard or a waiting list. A contact person with a quick and practical solution is ideal.

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