How to become a taxi driver in Paris?

Working as a taxi driver provides three status options: artisan, employee or tenant. If the craftsman works on his own account, the employee signs an employment contract with an employer. As for taxi rental management, it is a little special because it does not really work like the other two statutes.

Taxi rental management: how does it work?

Before thinking about becoming a taxi driver in Paris, you should first understand how the business works. In France, this status is less popular, although it represents considerable advantages over the status of craftsman. Management approaches are much less important. As a rental driver, you pay a monthly rent with a price that depends on the type of vehicle, the geographical area, insurance and maintenance amounts, etc. The landlord sets this charge because there is no regulation in the legislation concerning the amount of the rent. We have at our disposal a vehicle provided with a parking permit (licence), it is mandatory to exercise. In concrete terms, taxi rental management is concluded through a so-called "civil" contract between the tenant and the lessor. Both are then registered as self-employed. They each keep their share of revenues (taxed in the BIC category). Registration with the Chamber of Trades to be a craftsman is possible in various departments. To see a little more clearly, the site shares very useful information.

Steps to follow to become a taxi driver in Paris

Taxi rental management must go through a few key steps such as training, permits, diplomas, licenses, etc. As in the case of a taxi driver of other statuses, it is essential to meet some basic conditions such as: - Be a holder of a B permit for 2 years;- be a PSC holder and have a clean criminal record. Afterwards, a medical examination must be carried out to define the usual reflexes (hearing, sight, medical treatment, driving ability, etc.). Graduation is the next step to being able to practice. This is the certificate of professional competence or CCP taxi. It is divided into units for which it is mandatory to validate: 2 units for the highway code and taxi regulations, management, as well as two units relating to departmental regulations, the driving test and geographical knowledge of the department. When you get your CCP, all you have to do is choose your status. Some may opt to obtain a Parking Authorization (ADS). But to quickly enter the market, it is best to rent a taxi in Paris (rent a license).

The advantages and disadvantages of being a tenant taxi

Becoming a taxi driver in Paris requires knowledge of the advantages but also of the disadvantages of the status to avoid unpleasant surprises. After having gone through all the necessary steps to become a taxi manager, the advantages are quite numerous: you do not have to pay your social security contributions directly because it will be up to the lessor to do so. We are then considered as an employee. You don't have to pay for your license either because it is provided with the leased vehicle. For the disadvantages, we are not protected by the right to work and the rent may be exorbitant.

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