Renting a vehicle between individuals

Renting a vehicle for a few hours or a few days, a van for a move ... Today, car rental between individuals is part of our consumption habits. Nine out of ten French people declare having carried out at least once a collaborative consumption practice. Many websites Like  for instance offer their services in a similar way to support this concept of car sharing. Indeed, the collaborative economy is based on a legal model based on a tripartite relationship: a digital operator (the platform), a private individual "supplier" and a final consumer "requestor". This practical fact sheet from the National Institute of Consumer Affairs allows you, if you wish to embark on this adventure, to be informed of the outlines of these rental services.

I would like to rent out my vehicle

Any owner wishing to rent his vehicle for a few hours or a few days, can put his ad online on platforms offering services for putting people in contact with each other after registering and accepting the general conditions of use (GCU). He must thus indicate the slots of availability of the vehicle as well as the rate corresponding to the number of days of rent and the number of kilometers requested by the tenant; the price of the reservation as well as the times of availability of the vehicle are freely fixed by the owner. Once the reservation is made by the tenant, it is the responsibility of the platform to pay the vehicle owner. By renting his vehicle, the private individual "renter" agrees to enter into an additional insurance contract covering material damage to the vehicle as well as bodily injury to the renter driver and this, during the rental hours. The insurance contract offered by the platform, which must meet the requirements of car rental between private individuals, replaces the insurance of the car owner for the duration of the rental. Its rate is automatically included in the rental price. Rating systems can allow the owner to have access to the tenant's profile and, if necessary, to refuse the rental due to lack of trust, and vice versa for the renter wishing to reserve a vehicle evaluated by other renters with a trusted owner. It is moreover strongly advised to the owner to propose to the hiring a vehicle whose technical control does not reveal any anomaly.

I wish to rent a private individual's vehicle

The tenant wishing to rent a vehicle has a wide choice of models and prices. The simple and fast procedures allow a reservation to be made in a very short time. The online platforms indicate in their general conditions of use of the website (CGU), all the specific conditions that the tenant must respect. These include in particular:
  • to be of legal age;
  • to hold a valid driving licence from the country in which the vehicle is rented;
  • not to have had any insurance refusal or cancellation;
  • To be the holder of a valid electronic means of payment such as a bank card.

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