Renting a private car between individuals

Car rental between private individuals is a good alternative to the rental agency or Internet rental. This approach consists in renting one's personal car to a private individual via a site that insures the vehicle for the duration of the rental. This rental is paid for and can help owners cover the costs of their vehicle. This system is compared to carpooling or car-sharing, as it is an eco-citizen approach and is economical for both the lessor and the renter. You can visit for more about car hire.

Car rental between individuals: how does it work?

A car remains stationary almost 90% of the time. To make the most of these unused moments, the owner of a car can choose to rent it to private individuals.

The owner-renter

He has a vehicle, but doesn't use it all the time. For a car rental between individuals, he must then define:
  • the characteristics of his vehicle: age, comfort, number of seats, number of doors, available options, etc. ;
  • technical details about the engine, petrol/diesel consumption, type of gearbox, etc. ;
  • conditions on the lessee;
  • the location of the vehicle;
  • the price of the rental;
  • The time slots where the vehicle is available.

Car rental between private individuals: in case of a problem

Accident or vandalism

In the event of an accident, the rental company's insurance will repair the vehicle and repatriate the passengers. Reimbursement is made according to the seriousness of the damage: Damage above the insurance excess: the insurance company will pay for the repairs. The deductible remains the responsibility of the renter. Damage below the deductible: the tenant pays the amount of repairs.


In case of theft, the insurance of the car rental company between private individuals reimburses the value of your vehicle, less the deductible that is charged to the tenant.


In the event of an offence committed under a rental contract, the latter shall prove the identity of the offender. It is to be kept for this reason and allows you to manage the contravention as follows:
  • You receive the ticket.
  • You complete and send the waiver request form that denounces the tenant.
  • The tenant receives the fine at home.

Car rental between private individuals: many advantages

The principle of car-sharing has a sometimes inconvenient disadvantage, which is the need to put the vehicle back in the same place, or within a certain perimeter. However, this principle has many advantages:
  • the prices of rentals are very affordable: up to 40% cheaper than traditional rentals;
  • the amount of the deductible is often lower: from €400 to €800 for a rental service between private individuals, whereas it varies from €800 to €2,500 for a basic car rented by a professional ;
  • the rental time is very varied: for one hour or several days, for an appointment or for holidays;
  • The concept of car-sharing is part of an eco-citizen approach: renting a car from a private individual is good for the planet!

Cost of car rental between individuals: fuel, vehicle maintenance, etc.

It is the lessor who will set the price of the rental. It is often guided by specialized sites that take into account several criteria:
  • The fuel: by default excluded from the rental, the owner can choose to fill up between each tenant to facilitate the reading of the gauge.
  • The mileage: it is usually indicated by the tenant before the rental. If the final mileage is very different from the advertised one, the difference can be adjusted between the two individuals without going through the site.
  • The duration of the rental.

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